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Photo Review

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In this first photo, we can
see everyone's favorite Phreak
calling the Dan & Scott Show.

Disco: "Hurry up Eric! I can't hold it much longer!"


If you've ever wondered about
Disco's personality, writing style
or musical tastes, then look no
further, this photo should explain

Disco's Brain: "Need oxygen... fading... fast.. help me..."


This photograph was taken just moments
after Disco saw DiamondBack's picture
for the first time. Fortunately, she
somehow survived the experience.

Disco: "Blahhhhh..."


This hidden camera shot captured
our fair Disco in the act of
ripping the heart out of one of
her former boyfriends.

Disco: "Screw the gift, next time you say yer gonna call..."


Guys (and some gals), you just
gotta love this one. That is
one hot looking... um... smile.
Say cheesecake!

Disco: "For pearly white teeth, brush everyday with Crest!"


Having just graduated from the
"Sugar & Spice" Modeling and
Charm School, sweet Disco trys
out her new found skills.

Disco: "Yo! Are you talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to ME?"


Cute - yet nauseating - all at the
same time, that's our Disco,
seen here building strength for
the long night of dancing ahead.

Disco: "Ba-Ha-Ha-Ha-HAAA!!!"

The End?

Pictures are not authorized to be used by anyone without prior permission from Disco Queen.

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