The ICQ Community Survey
Have you ever wondered who your neighbors in cyberspace were? Or how many other people have hundreds of names on their contact list and spend 12 hours a day chatting with them? Here is your chance to find out and take part in The ICQ Community Survey.

To take the survey, click the button next to your answer under each question. When all the questions have been answered, click the Submit button to see the updated results. If you have already taken the survey and are returning to see the latest results, click on View Results. When you're finished, please tell your friends about the survey so they can also take it (the URL is Thank you for participating!
Question 1
How long have you been using ICQ from AOL/Mirabilis?
Less than a month
1 to 3 Months
3 to 6 Months
6 months to a year
1 to 2 years
Over 2 years
Question 2
How many people are on your contact list?
Less than 10
10 to 25
26 to 50
51 to 100
101 to 200
Over 200
Question 3
On a typical day, how long do you use ICQ?
Less than an hour
1 to 2 hours
2 to 3 hours
3 to 6 hours
6 to 12 hours
Over 12 hours
Question 4
If asked to forward a rumor message to everyone on your list, you would:
Forward it in case it were true
I would never forward it
Sometimes I would forward it
Write back asking them to stop
Send back the ICQ Lies URL
Never received one
Question 5
If asked to forward a friendship page URL to everyone, you would:
I would forward it
I would NOT forward it
Forward it to some people
Write back asking them to stop
Send back "Best Friend" URL
Never received one
Question 6
About how many forwarded msgs & URLs do you receive each week?
1 or 2
3 to 5
6 to 10
11 to 20
More than 20
Question 7
How often do you use the Invisible Mode (so you can't be seen)?
50% of the time
Question 8
What is your primary use or favorite feature of ICQ?
Contacting friends & family
Making new friends
Random Chat
Exchanging files and URLs
All of the above
Question 9
How many UINs have you registered for (both past and current)?
Just one
Five or more
Question 10
How would you rate ICQ?
Very Good
Question 11
Do you use any other pagers?
Excite PAL
Other, not listed
Question 12
How much would you pay for ICQ?
Nothing, ever!
One time fee of $30-40
1 cent per message
$5 a month
$25 per year

If you have previously taken this survey, press the View Results button to see the current totals.

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