View from our campground on Stock Island, where
three American Crocodiles are reported to live.

Sword swallower Dale Pritchard at Mallory Square.

Mo the tightrope walking dog.

Will Soto goes insane and attacks tourist after Mo the tightrope walking dog steals his act (hee hee... just kidding).

Another beautiful sunset from Mallory Square.

The legendary Capt. Tony... who scares the hell out of Melissa.

On day two we took a sunset sail on a Sebago catamaran.

A tourist taking photos of tourists taking photos of other tourists.

The skipper was brave and sure and seemed to be striking a pose for the full two hour cruise.

The Sebago bar... serving free drafts, wine and Champagne, it was the most popular part of the ship.

The sun appears to be melting into the Gulf as we head back to Key West.

On Sunday we revisited our old friend Robert the Enchanted Doll at East Martello Museum.
Robert celebrated his 100th birthday in 2004 by presiding over the start of Key West's Fantasy Fest.
October 24th, 2004 was officially proclaimed by the Mayor of Key West to be "Robert the Enchanted Doll Day."

Legend has it that bad things happen to cameras when people take photos of Robert without first introducing themselves
and asking for permission (we always do). While nothing bad has happened to us, something a bit strange did occur
during our visit. Melissa had promised to call her nephew from the museum but couldn't get a cell phone signal. She even
tried walking outside, but still no signal. After about ten minutes of this she was ready to give up when she said:
"Robert, please let me call my nephew"... within a few seconds the cell phone connected and she was able to place the
call. Then immediately after the call, the signal died. Coincidence? Maybe... but it sure put a chill down our spines.

Was that a smirk I just saw? Naaa... probably just my imagination. But just to be on the safe side:
Thank you Robert for allowing me to post your pictures on my website, you handsome devil!

An oddly familiar looking sculpture in the museum courtyard.

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