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Located about midway to Key West between Islamorada and Marathon is Long Key State Park. A two hour drive from Miami, the park was a perfect destination for a weekend camping trip as the South Florida heat and humidity finally began to yield to the cooler temperatures of November.

We arrived about 2pm and had our tent pitched and campsite ready in under an hour.
There are 60 waterfront sites available, all with picnic tables and firepits.

Happy campers enjoying the gentle sea breeze and afternoon shade. The only downside to camping in the
Keys is the proximity to US 1... if you look closely just over my shoulder you can see a passing vehicle.

There is not much of a beach at high tide, but we couldn't have been any closer to the water.

During low tide you could wade nearly half a mile out into the Gulfstream. The water was as warm as it looks.

Long Key is a world class fishing destination, especially bonefishing. Author Zane Grey spent many a day in these waters.

Sunsets in the Florida Keys are always a colorful sight. Because the park is on
the Atlantic (east) side if the island, you can't see the actual sunset from camp.

Camp at night under the stars. The bright dot over the tent is the anchor light of a sailboat just offshore.

Burgers sizzling in the firepit.

And for desert, JPF made S'mores.

This raccoon visited us during the evening, but kept his distance (as did we).

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