"Hey! Can't you see I'm working here? No candid shots of my butt!"

As you can see, a great BBQ takes a lot of hard work and dedication. *g*
A new addition to this BBQ was a local beer called Hurricane Reef. We
tried a six-pack sampler the day before and while the Pale Ale and
Raspberry Wheat Ale were okay, JPF really liked the Caribbean Style Pilsner
and DB developed a taste for the Gold Metal winning Lager. Great beer,
much better than that Ausse VB stuff or those Canuck brews. *smirk*

Checking out the first batch. Before the day was over, we cooked up lamb
and pork chops marinated in Mojo, pork loin medallions, Italian and
Polish sausage, spare ribs, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. Yummy!

We were soon joined by master BBQist Andrew who took over
the cooking duties while JPF worked tirelessly at making sure
her Hurricane Reef didn't get too warm in the tropical heat.

Next on the scene were Joe and his lovely wife Lois. DB and Joe have known
each other since first grade, nearly 32 years, and are still the best of friends.

Never ones to miss a BBQ, Oscar and his wife Maria
were certain to arrive before the food was gone. Here
Oscar can be seen... um... admiring his hand, I guess. *g*

As you can see by Oscar's t-shirt, he is one of DB's Dead Head pals. His job
at the BBQ is clean-up... he makes certain there is no leftover food. *g*
As you can also see, JPF continued to stand her post and do a wonderful
job as supervisor. Well, maybe "stand" isn't quite the right word.

We had an uninvited guest show-up at one point. This is one of
my neighbor's adorable cats, his name was is "Desert." *weg*

Here are DB and Oscar amazing the guests with their mastery of "Sticks"...
an old Dead Head favorite. The object is to drop the middle stick as
often as possible while still trying to look cool. Honest. I swear it.

DB concluded the show with his patented "twirl, spin, fall and kiss the girl"
manuver... the guests were very impressed. BTW, did I mention how
good that Hurricane Reef beer is? Has a nice kick, too.

"Hey JPF, grab the rest of the beer and let's go sailing!"

JPF thinks: "This is how the voyage of the Minnow got started, I just know it."

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