...to JoePerryFan and DiamondBack's online photo album. On April 8, 2000, JPF made her second visit to South Florida, dispite warnings from her doctor, lawyer, minister and mother. We hope you enjoy our photo essay of Vacation 2000... nine days in steamy SoFlo.

Before leaving home, JPF bought a cool new toy, an Olympus D-360L digital camera. Most of the pictures on these pages were taken with the Olympus and are copyrighted by JPF and DB... as such they may not be copied, reproduced, made fun of or used for blackmail purposes.

Lumbering manatees, killer whales and flirtatious dolphins make for an enjoyable afternoon at one of SoFlo's premier tourist traps. See DB get up-close and personal with a 300 lb aquatic show-off (dolphins are the Smartasses of the Sea).

Thieving parrots, giant black scorpions, albino alligators and flesh-eating birds... Alfred Hitchcock couldn't have dreamed of a better tourist attraction. Amazingly, JPF and DB left this tropical nightmare paradise with all their fingers intact, though there were some close calls.

You can't think of Miami without thinking of the beach, so our adventurous twosome ignored the storm warnings and headed for Ocean Drive and tenth street, otherwise known as SoBe. No killer crabs, stinging man-o-wars or hungry sharks this day, just sun, sand, surf and fun.

Having survived enjoyed the Seaquarium, Parrot Jungle and Miami Beach, it was time for some wall climbing, gravity defying and the curse of King Pakal. Who says a vacation can't be educational?

Once the hangout of hippies and smugglers, you can't do much better than Coconut Grove for dining, drinking, shopping or people watching. From the upscale Shops at Mayfair to laidback CocoWalk, the Grove is popular with both the tourists and the locals.

No trip to SoFlo is complete without the obligitory backyard BBQ... Miami style. Before leaving, JPF got one more taste of the local flavor, discovered a locally brewed beer she liked and met some of DB's best buddies.

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