After nearly a week in Miami,
JPF is starting to climb the walls. *g*.

Actually, the wall was part of the Sports Challenge Test which also included a
Baseball Pitch Radar, Foot Track, Virtual Hoops and sports medicine displays.

The High Wire Acts & Feats of Balance exhibit featured a SkyCycle,
Seesaw Bench, Balance Rail, Limbo Bar and Gravity Playground.

JPF takes a spin on the Center of Gravity exhibit.

Next up was SMITHSONIAN EXPEDITIONS: Exploring Latin
America & the Caribbean,
the first exhibit in the nation to
result from the Smithsonian's Affiliations Program.

AAAAAH! DB is bitten by a nine-foot
Olmec head! Is there no place safe?

Checking out the remains of Mayan King Pakal.
"Hun, want to have ribs for dinner tonight?"

"Hey, did you read the curse? It says that all who view the remains of
King Pakal will be crushed between giant stones... ba ha ha ha!"
(DB quickly exited the display area.)

Along with owls, ospreys and bald eagles, The Falcon Batchelor Bird
of Prey Center
also has a selection of native and exotic reptiles,
such as this Albino Burmese Python that JPF was fascinated with.
Everyone knows how much she loves snakes. *g*

Here's Louie, one of the Bud Life Lizards, telling
JPF how the frog who says "er" stole his job.

Before leaving the Museum, we stopped at the digital Portrait Studio
to have "Leonardo" sketch our picture... not bad for a 'puter artist.

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