Here's an official Parrot Jungle posed picture.

This photo was taken moments before the top picture. Notice something
missing from DB's wrist? Damn parrot bit through the watch band and
wouldn't give up his new toy. BTW, we ate "chicken" later that night. *wink*

At the "Creatures in the Night" show, DB "volunteered" to help with
the handling of a large black scorpion. The good news is that the
scorpion didn't sting... though it did pinch. If you enjoy being bitten and
pinched, then I highly recommend visiting the Miami Parrot Jungle.

Most of the birds were tame and could be fed by hand, though later in
the day JPF got nipped by one of the little bastards. Apparently the
parrots live on a steady diet of sunflower seeds and finger tips.

"Polly want some raw human flesh?"

DiamondBack is related to one of the creatures in
this photo... though no one is quite sure which. *g*

Awwww... look at those cute flamingos, aren't they just adorable?

Remember Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie "The Birds?" DB was reminded
of it about half a second after being handed a cup of "nectar" as a dozen
very hungry feathered friends descended on him from all directions.

Now DB knows how it feels to be a statue in Central Park.

A little birdie once whispered in my ear: "I'm gonna bite the hell outta ya!"

Seconds after this photo was taken, JPF and DB were
horribly mangled by a flock of carnivorous flamingos.

Naaa... it wasn't the flamingos, JPF was attacked by DB
(and she didn't put up much of a fight. *g*)

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