PHP Guestbook Information 
HyperBook Guestbook is a website guestbook written entirely in PHP. It is offered to the Internet community free of charge as per the License Agreement.

Features include:
  • Multi-file "Flat Text" Database for fast access without SQL.
  • Quick and easy set-up.
  • Customizable Colors and Graphics.
  • Option to add additional questions.
  • Time Zone Offset.
  • E-mail notifications with link to edit, delete or add a comment to posts.
  • Double Post Protection.
  • Configurable IP Log to prevent message flooding.
  • Forced word breaks to ensure proper formatting.
  • Optional Banned Words filter.
  • Version Update Check.
  • Import and Export databases.
  • Alternate language configuration.
  • Database diagnostic function.
  • NEW: Anti-spambot CAPTCHA and URL screening
For more details you may read the complete documentation file or view a working demo. For an overview of the HyperBook Administration section, you may click here and log-in with the password "visitor". As a visitor you may explore the admin features, however no changes will be saved.

Security Notice: Included with the Hyperbook setup files is a "phpinfo.php" file which is used for displaying system configuration information. While this file in itself does not pose a security threat, the information displayed could be used by hackers looking for servers susceptible to attack. For this reason, it is recommended that you remove the phpinfo.php file from your guestbook directory as it is not required for the proper operation of the Hyperbook software. However, if you contact the developer requesting technical support, please make the phpinfo.php file available as it is can be helpful in troubleshooting system related issues.

To subscrbe or unsubscribe from the Hyperbook Update Notification mailing list, please click here.

Download the file. (full version)
Current Version: 1.30 (see version history)

Download the file. (update only version)
Contains only the files necessary for updating
versions 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.20 and 1.21 to the current 1.30 version. NOTE: If using a non-English version, you will also need an updated Language Configuration file (see below).

Alternate Language Configuration files:
Websites using the HyperBook Guestbook
The following list is a sample of some of the websites which are using the HyperBook Guestbook. It has been deployed in a number of languages and formats, and in some cases is being used for purposes other than a traditional guestbook. Of particular note is the Laci Peterson guestbook, which received a tremendous amount of traffic and as of my last visit had over 150,000 posts. As a courtesy to these webmasters, please do not post test or spam messages.

HyperBook Guestbook Copyright © 2001 by Thomas R. Pasawicz. All rights reserved.