ICQ Rumors 11 - 20

  ICQ Rumor #20
Updated list of UINs of the people who are sending viruses: 140467 - 412499 - 586212 - 943633 - 950380 - 1033855 - 1066545 - 1369727 - 1370520 - 1188542 - 2005002 - 2599671 Pleasse pass this on by hitting the forward button

So, are you writing these down? Me neither, so please stop sending them.

UPDATE: I heard from one of the people on this list, seems like a very cool person who has had to put up with a lot of grief because someone started a false rumor about him. So the next time you see one of these warning messages, you might want to look at the UINs very carefully... you could find your UIN on it. And even if you don't, do you really want to victimize innocent people?

  ICQ Rumor #19
The following UIN numbers have been sending viruses through ICQ....please put them on the ignore list....1369727, 1370520, 1033855, &1066545.......please forward this message to other users by pushing the forward button at the bottom of this box....

Does anyone really keep track of these ICQ numbers? Maybe "Unsolved Mysteries" can start running them in a ticker on the bottom of the screen, updated live as a service to Internet ICQ users everywhere. I can hear it now, Robert Stack deadpanning, "If YOU are contacted by 1369727, don't accept a file called..." (R19)

  ICQ Rumor #18
A few hours ago, someone opened an E-mail that had the subject of "ao4free.com" Within secs, of opening it, a window appeared and began displaying all files that were being deleted. The user shut down the computer, but it was too late. The virus wiped all out, incuding the Microsoft Anti Virus along with F-Prot AVS. Neither detected it. Be careful and please forward this to everyone.

Yeah, right. The only thing that is going to get deleted "within secs" is the name of the next person who forwards a message like this to me. Let's go over this one more time. You could get an attached file called "ao4free.com" that could do just about any nasty thing to your system... within seconds of RUNNING it. But that rumor warns against opening an e-mail... that is the false part. Unless you have some weird e-mail client that automatically runs attached files (I've never seen one that does), it is safe to open any normal plain text or HTML e-mail. Just be wary of attached executable files.

For additional info about e-mail viruses, please see The Importance of File Extensions.

  ICQ Rumor #17
There is a virus know-as "picture.gif", this virus is extremely dangerous, because it may be under a different name. do not accept a file from someone on icq unless it's extremely trustworthy! forward this to EVERYONE on your list, QUICKLY! it's VERY DANGEROUS!

It is not dangerous as long as it has a ".gif" extension since that is not an executable file format. You would have to rename it as "picture.exe" and then run it before anything could possibly happen.

For additional info about e-mail viruses, please see The Importance of File Extensions.

  ICQ Rumor #16
If you get any file with Deeyenda in the subject delete it immediately! This file is spreading quickly and will destroy your computer. It's called the Deeyenda Maddrick virus and this warning was sent out by the FCC. Please pass this on! thanks

The FCC is sending out virus warnings? Maybe Deeyenda is being spread over the airwaves. BTW, there is a virus called "Deeyenda Maddick." If you want a good chuckle, slowly read that name out loud. The end of... hee hee. (R16)

  ICQ Rumor #15
Matt11 is sending a file called Beeper, this is actually a virus RussianMirror.482 it will trash your hard disk do not accept it. HIS UIN# is 1033855, his name is Matt Tidwell, from Birmingham AL, his email is FourpawsJake@msn.net, or .com, i cant remember. so look out!
------------------This is a mass message sent to me please foward it---------

Personally I think Mr. Tidwell is doing the net a service by knocking off some of the idiots who would run a file from someone they don't know. Way to go, Matt.

It is sad that some people will only learn through harsh experience. Just as most children only learn of the dangers of playing with fire after getting burnt, many newbies will learn about the risk of running programs from strangers after one of them turns out to be carrying a virus or back door.

  ICQ Rumor #14
WARNING: Do not accept a file from somebody called "VirusDist." his file is called "BadVirus.Exe" It is a VIRUS!!! Please forward this to everyone on your list! DO NOT GO THERE...FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE...HE WILL REQUEST A CHAT WITH YOU.... REMOVE THE NAMES FROM THE TOP OF THIS MESSAGE SO THE WHOLE MESSAGE GETS OUT TO EVERYONE

Well, DUH! If you accept and run a file called "BadVirus.exe" from someone called "VirusDist," then you are too stupid to own a computer and should stick to something safer like stamp collecting (try not to swallow the stamps when you lick them). (R14)

  ICQ Rumor #13
Hey Guys, This is no joke..DO NOT RUN ICQ on the 12th or the 31st of OCTOBER There is a major malfunction that will shut down your computer and wipe out your hard drive. Please forward this message to all on your contact list and delete the __wrote so that the full message goes round. This ISNT A JOKE as Mirabilis has posted it.

I guess some people never learn, do they? After surviving the Sept 22 scare, you would think this message wouldn't get far, but it was spread all over the net. It really amazes me how gullible some people are. (R13)

  ICQ Rumor #12
There are some existing ICQ security loopholes. Do not activate your ICQ on 22 Sep, doing so could crush your system!
This is not a rumour, it is a real warning from Mirabilis!
Please forward this message to all on your list.

I had my system running all day on September 22, and it didn't get crushed... what a surprise. Isn't it obvious that this is a false rumor? I guess not, because I got it from many people. It is the equivalent of yelling FIRE in a crowded theater, and when you forward it you are not doing anyone a favor, you are just becoming a part of the problem. (R12)

  ICQ Rumor #11
Dont take this as joke, just recieved this message from icq management : " This is the icq management. You must not ignore this for if u do, u may be deleted from icq network. This is a test to see how many icq uin's are still active. Please respond to this by forward this message to everyone on your list of uin's.

You're right, this is not joke. Jokes are funny, this is just a bore. And since when does Mirabilis refer to themselves as "icq management" or use "u" instead of "you?" Need I say more? (R11)

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