ICQ Rumors 91 - 100

  ICQ Rumor #100
URL: www.icqcolorbla.htmx.eta/com
URL Description: just hit forward to everybody in your list and cool drawings will apear next to every nikname

Allow me to draw you a picture. Forwarding a message does the following: it forwards a message. That's all, nothing more. If you want to see cool drawings, then buy a box of crayons, take an art class or visit a gallery. BTW, "www.icqcolorbla.htmx.eta/com" isn't a real URL, see Rumor 99 for more details. (R100)

  ICQ Rumor #99
URL: http://www.mirabilis.com/download/icq2000/automatic/url
URL Description: ICQ2000 is out!! Hit foward to everyone except me and it will install itself

Let's review a few basic concepts here. If you want the latest version of a program the way to get it is to:
  1. Visit the developer's website, in this case http://icq.com.
  2. Look to see if a new version has been released (at the time this hoax was being spread, ICQ2000 was still in beta testing and not available to the public).
  3. If in doubt about the authenticity of a URL, try it before you forward it to your contact list. This one leads to a "404 - Page Not Found" error.
Number three is the important one to remember. How far would this hoax have spread if the first group of people to receive it tried the URL, saw that it didn't work and then wrote back to the sender "Hey ya jerk, quit sending me bogus messages!" You don't have to be a technical wizard to determine that a missing page error means that a URL doesn't work. Look at it another way, would you get a little annoyed if one of your friends went around picking-up garbage off the street and dropping it on your doorstep? If so, then don't dump Internet garbage on your friends' ICQ. Take a little of your time to check the URL before wasting your friends' time. And if it doesn't work (most won't), write back to the person who sent it and ask them not to waste your time with broken URLs.

  ICQ Rumor #98
this is a love rose u have 10 min to send this to every1 on icq or u will have bad luck in love.
FOWARD IT!! even to me

I once passed a note similar to this. I was in kindergarten at the time and everyone who got it giggled until the teacher took the note away. I suppose there are some adults who still think passing notes like this is cute, but please keep in mind that many of us have grown-up and have better things to do with our (often limited) free time than receive 10 minute ultimatums regarding our love lives. But thanks anyway for the rose... and in return, here's a dictionary so every1 won't know u have bad grammar. (R98)

  ICQ Rumor #97
Hi I'm the secønd admin øf MirabiLis ICQ.My name is Røbert.
We saw yøu are døing iLLegaL wørks with this ICQ Uin.
And we are canceLing the accøunts which peøpLe's døing iLLegaL wørks in
ICQ. And, if yøu døn't want tø cLøse yøur accøunt and never using icq again
i'LL say yøu søme steps and yøu wiLL dø them.
1 take a new icq uin før 2-3 days
2 say me yøur passwørd and i wiLL wørk før save yøur accøunt and i wiLL
speak with the admin før nøt cLøse

Hi Robert, my name is Tom and I'm the first admin of Diamond-back.com. I would "say you" my password accept for one thing, you're an idiot. I'll also "say you" that attempting to impersonate a Mirabilis administrator with the intention of stealing passwords is illegal and you stand to lose much more than just your UIN. If your ISP finds out what you are doing they will probably terminate your account. If the police find out you could be charged with a Federal crime. And if your mommy and daddy find out you could get a spanking and be sent to bed without any computer privileges. Furthermore, your attempt at "social engineering" passwords is about the lamest thing I've ever seen. I'LL say yøu Røbert, get a cLue, Løser. (R97)

  ICQ Rumor #96
URL: Hurry, I mean it, forward to all, including me so I know that you got this
URL Description: Her number=15245487, this is a very bad virus.. this comes from ICQ.. fwd to all. I checked

I wonder if "15245487" knows she is a bad virus? I'm sure she started off as a good little virus but probably fell in with the wrong crowd, like those evil rumor writers who make up lies about innocent people and then pretend they are passing along information from ICQ. The ICQ info for this person states: "Hi All.. I know already about the URL message that is going around.. and its not true.. I made a Canadian guy mad and he started the false URL message. Chat you soon." Does that sound like a "bad virus" to you? Please don't help creeps like this "Canadian guy" by forwarding false alerts. (R96)

  ICQ Rumor #95
America Online is planning on charging an extra $4.99 fee per month to all users for accessing web pages...this will be in affect January 1, 2000 for the new billing month...each person this is sent to will count as a signature...if more than 50% of America Online customers sign this then the new billing plan will be dropped...please forward to everyone!... thanks...

Why would AOL care how many people "sign" this fake petition? Half their members are using the free 60 hours (or whatever it is now) and will never pay a dime anyway, they'll just sign up for a new account when the month is up. Kidding aside, AOL already charges more than the common US$19.95 a month that other ISPs charge, plus they force unwanted advertising on their members (I can't believe so many people are willing to pay more and get less, but that's another story). Anyway, the only way to "vote" against a billing plan is to drop AOL and sign-up with someone else, if 50% of their members did that then just maybe they would make some adjustments to their pricing policies, but forwarding an ICQ message is a complete waste of time and bandwidth.

BTW, while we're on the subject of AOL, someone recently wrote asking if I thought AOL might someday make ICQ "shareware" and request that users voluntarily send in $5. The shareware concept works for some small developers who write useful programs in their spare time (I've mailed off a few "donations" where I thought it was justified). But can you imagine reading something like "We're a poor, starving multi-billion dollar corporation who just merged with another poor, starving multi-billion dollar corporation (Time-Warner). If you enjoy using ICQ, please send us some money so Ted Turner can afford to buy a new dress for his wife Jane." What do you think? Is this a workable concept? *g*

  ICQ Rumor #94
URL: http://www.mirabilis.com/different%20colors
URL's description: forward this and each name will appear in a different color__trust me"

Yeah, the names will turn perminately red as you get added to everyone's ignore list for sending them a fake URL with a false message. Good thing I'm not ICQ's webmaster or instead of a 404 Error (File Not Found) there would be a 444 Error (Clue Not Found) at that address. (R94)

  ICQ Rumor #93
Send this to:
0 - u will have bad luck foreva
1-5 - you will go out with your crush
6-10 - you will get married
11 + if 10 gets you married think of what u could do with this!!

I think if your spouse catches you forwarding this message the answer to "11+" would be "a divorce." If you send it to "your crush" and he/she has half a brain, the most likely thing to "go out" will be your access to their ICQ list when they put you on ignore for being a bore. Trust me, these "cute" messages lose their appeal after you get them a hundred or so times. (R93)

  ICQ Rumor #92
URL description: Hi,send this message to everyone on your list and your flower will turn light blue

Want to see the ICQ flower turn light blue? Okay, here's a little something for the easily amused: Oh wow, wasn't that just too cool? *rolls eyes* That was the best way to see the flower turn blue, the only thing that will happen if you forward this message is your more technically savvy friends will see red for wasting their time with something so foolish. (R92)

  ICQ Rumor #91
You have received an authorize request

The following reason for the authorize request was given

plzz quthorise me

i have an invitation to an icq party

Technically this isn't a rumor, but an authorization request from an unknown person. I've included it because I have a hunch that spammers are going to eventually start sending out automatically generated authorization requests in an attempt to get past the "Accept messages only from users on my contact list" feature on the ICQ Security & Privacy menu. Personally, I wouldn't "quthorized" someone even if they did say "plzz." I'm about as likely to add some stranger to my list as I would be to invite some bum walking down the street into my home. And I'll pass on an ICQ Spam Party, thank you. (R91)

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