ICQ Rumors 71 - 80

  ICQ Rumor #80
Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a 100% FREE Membership to OVER 30 XXX Sites! You'll get 100% access to LIVE SEX Shows, XXX SPY Cams, XXX Pics, LIVE XXX Videos, Sex Chat, SEX Channels 24hrs EVERY day and MUCH MORE!!! Get YOUR FREE Membership NOW! Go to http://not_gonna_tell_ya Your MemberID: 97. Thank You. (It's NOT a unsolicited message. Your ICQ# was submitted to our members list)

Congratulations, you've been spammed! This IS in fact an unsolicited message and no one submitted your UIN to a members list. As far as I can tell, these low-life scumbags are sending this message to everyone on ICQ, probably with the aid of an automated program. Leave it to a porn spammer to indiscriminately send a message like this to not only all the adults on ICQ, but children as well. Because of the ease with which anyone can start an ICQ account, there isn't much Mirabilis can do to prevent this type of abuse of their system... while they are shutting down one account, the spammer can be starting a new one every five minutes. Fortunately, there is something you can do. Click on your ICQ button and go to the Security & Privacy menu, then select the Ignore List tab. Don't bother putting individual spammers on the Ignore List, they'll use a different UIN each time they send something out. What you can do is check the box next to "Accept messages only from users on my contact list." Now you get to choose who can send messages to you (or your children) based on who you allow on your contact list. Die spammers, die! (R80)

  ICQ Rumor #79
URL: http:/not_gonna_tell_ya_this_one_either
URL's description: A girl dying of cancer gets 10 cents everytime this is forwarded... so please forward this

A jerk dying to trick people into visiting his website gets ten hits everytime this is forwarded... so please don't fall for it. (R79)

  ICQ Rumor #78
URL: you get $3 for every one you send, I've made $300.00!

Yeah sure, and I get $30 for everyone I don't forward it to... I'll make millions. Seriously, this one is so ridiculous that anyone who forwarded it should send $3 to each person on their contact list for being so gullible. (R78)

  ICQ Rumor #77
URL's description: ICQ is overloading with people and is deleting 3500 people. Forward this or you will be one. Sorry

Even if this were true (it's not), how much of the "overloading" would be reduced by deleting 3,500 out of approximately 35,000,000 UINs? That is only 1/10,000th of the total number of accounts... not even a drop in the bucket. If anything is overloading ICQ, it's the indiscriminate mass forwarding a garbage like this. BTW, the correct URL to Mirabilis News is http://www.mirabilis.com/products/news.html. (R77)

  ICQ Rumor #76
Don''t download ICQ 99z DLL 3 it has a virus in it... forward this to everyone on your list...
(I don''t originate them, but I do forward them... better safe than sorry, is my motto..)

My motto is better informed that annoying your friends with useless rumors about a version of ICQ ("z") that doesn't exist. (R76)

  ICQ Rumor #75
URL: send to 30 and you will recieve the ICQ V.3.8
URL Description: New ICQ 2000 pass it on to everyone on your list and you'll get it!

You'll "get it" alright... laughed at and scorned by people who have enough sense to know that if and when ICQ2000 becomes available (probably in the year 2000, duh!) everyone will be able to download it. (R75)

  ICQ Rumor #74
URL: If we get 365000 they'll give us ICQ 2000 by e-mail
URL's description: Don't open it, just forward including me.

I suppose if they only got 364,999 people to forward this they would just scrap ICQ2000. Try to imagine the look on the programmer's faces when they are told "Sorry, not enough people forwarded that stupid message, so we deleted 12 months of your hard work." And since when does anyone mass distribute software via e-mail? The current version is over 4 megabytes, try e-mailing a file like that to millions of people and see how many mail severs crash. (R74)

  ICQ Rumor #73
Important!!! AOL purchased ICQ last year and, although there is as of yet no charge, charges will begin sometime in 1999. I am hoping to prevent this. To accomplish this I wish to purchase ICQ from AOL. If I am able to do this I promise I will keep the service free forever. But I need YOUR help. I am not, personaly, wealthy enough to make the purchase. I am requesting donations towards this cause, and I ask that you contribute both financially and by taking a few seconds to forward this message to everyone you know. Cash is fine, or make cheques payable to Save ICQ, care of Walter Jones. Mail to

Save ICQ
6194 Engledonner Lane,
Greenwhich, Utah 44619

Oh, this is rich (which apparently is what Walter would also like to be). AOL paid $287 million for ICQ, and Walter thinks he is going to get enough donations to buy it from them and keep it free forever (Any idea how much it costs to keep ICQ running and growing? Better start looking for a second job, Walter.). Is it just me or do you get a feeling "Mr. Jones" has other plans for those millions he hopes to get? This isn't a hoax, it looks more like criminal fraud. (R73)

  ICQ Rumor #72
I got a virus by the name of patch.exe please FORWARD to all your VIRUS!!! ATTENTION!!!!!! ICQ #could_be_yours name anybody

The most common "patch.exe" isn't a virus, it is a backdoor called NetBus. The only real warning that needs to be sent is "Don't run files you get from strangers." Better still, don't run any file you haven't downloaded from the source or an authorized distributor. Follow that one warning you'll be far safer than following any advice in a rumor message. Remember: When online, always practice Safe Hex. (R72)

  ICQ Rumor #71
Hurry, I mean it, forward to all, including me so I know that you got this
His number is some_victim's_UIN, he will seriously mess up your computer

If you really want someone to know you "got this" try sending them to http://diamond-back.com/icqlies.html and maybe in time they will "get it" too. (R71)

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