ICQ Rumors 101 - 110

  ICQ Rumor #110
This is a system message!
If you want to keep your UIN active,
please send your password in reply to
this message to icq administration !

First off, it's not a "system message" just because someone says it's a system message. Second, "ICQ administration" will never, ever ask you for your password. They don't need to ask you, if they are really an ICQ administrator then they already know your password. This is just a very lame attempt to steal passwords, don't be even lamer by falling for it. (R110)

  ICQ Rumor #109
URL: Forward this to everyone on your list then ICQ will automatically update yopu to the Golden Version.
URL Description: Just do it ! It really works!

I heard a rumor that if you never, ever forward a dumb hoax like this you'll automatically be updated to the PLATINUM VERSION! Woo hoo! Just do it! Er... I mean just don't do it. Well, you know what I mean. (R109)

  ICQ Rumor #108
URL: www.napster.com
URL's Description: help save napster if we send this to 50000 people they cant shut down napster send it to me even !!!

Who is "they" and what is so special about forwarding a message that would make them not shutdown Napster, assuming "they" are even trying to? I think someone has been listening to too many pirated Metallica MP3s and their brain turned to mush. (R108)

  ICQ Rumor #107
URL: icq is deleting all accounts that don't forward this to their whole contact list within 5 mins after receiving this url!!
URL's Description: This is not a joke!!! They are checking for inactive #s. Send to everyone(inc. me) on list. sorry!

I can just picture some guy at the ICQ Network Control Center, stopwatch in hand, saying "Ah, DiamondBack just received the message! Okay DB, you got 4 minutes and 50 seconds... 4 minutes and 40 seconds..."

That was a joke. The message above it is a hoax. The joke is intended to make you laugh, the hoax is intended to get you laughed at. You decide which is better.

  ICQ Rumor #106
URL: Push "Forward" and check everybody and you will have a secret icq menu
URL Description: Push forward and check everybody

What they don't tell you is that because the menu is a secret, once you've seen it they'll have to kill you. They do that, you know? They are the same people who are trying to shut down Napster. They're everywhere... timing people who don't forward messages in five minutes and shutting down their accounts. How do they do it? From the secret menu, of course. And that's all you need to know. (R106)

  ICQ Rumor #105
URL: Click on Foward and send to everyone in you list!
URL's Description: Only 18hrs left then ICQ will charge you to use ICQ, if you forward this to everyone it'll stay free

Stay Free? Isn't that a feminine hygiene product? I don't want to see ICQ turn into a Maxi-Pad.

Okay, so I'm being a little silly, but so is the idea of being charged by ICQ. What are they going to do, order you to insert a credit card in to the floppy drive? This is the hundredth variation on the first classic ICQ rumor... that they are going to start charging. That was back in 1997 and it hasn't happened yet... guess why? It isn't because of dumbasses forwarding messages like this, it's because if they tried to charge for ICQ everyone would switch to a different instant messaging program. There are dozens of them, all free... the way a Maxi-Pad was meant to be.

  ICQ Rumor #104
URL: Tommy J. Is Gay , Him and His Butt Buddy are collecting money to go and get married in Hawii
URL's description: Every time you send this he gets 5 cents

After contacting every Tommy J. on the Internet, I have determined that the vast majority of them are not gay and have no marital plans for "Hawii"... though that's an awfully gay way of spelling "Hawaii." I realize this must come as quite a shock to those who were under the impression that they were helping Tommy J. and his buddy when they forwarded this message, next time just send me the five cents and I'll see that someone named "Tommy" gets it. In fact, better make it five dollars, it's a long way to Hawaii. (R104)

  ICQ Rumor #103
From: Mirabilis Admin
Subject: ICQ Number
To: someone@rica.net
Date: Cum, 10 Mar 2000 17:16:33 +0200
Content-Type: text/plain
X-Library: WinShoes 7.023

Dear ICQ User'

We are working on our new security system and need your help. We are changing our database' to help you more..

Please send your ICQ Number and Password
to Mirabilis@Beer.Com email adres.

You have 1 week time to do that..
If you dont send you ICQ Number and ICQ Password'
unfortunatly we will cancel your account.

Thanks for your consideration.

Best Regards

Mirabilis Admin

As you can see by the headers, this hoax was being sent via e-mail. Look at that, it even says it came from "Mirabilis Admin" at "Admin@Mirabilis.Com"... so it must be true, right? I mean, someone couldn't fake an e-mail header and put just anything in the From field, could they? Actually, yes, they could. It's easy, you don't have to be a MaStEr HaXoR to do it. However you would have to be a SUCKER to send your UIN and password to "Mirabilis@Beer.Com." Note the "Beer.Com"... doesn't it seem just a bit odd that Mirabilis (the company that created ICQ) would use a free e-mail address from Beer.com? At least they were nice enough to give us an entire week to consider doing something incredibly stupid. (R103)

  ICQ Rumor #102
Another one from e-mail...

Sent: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 4:15 PM

Hello everyone... I know most of you have ICQ and some of you, well I'm not sure if you do or not... But I wanted to send this warning....

Apparently ICQ is very accessible to hackers... I have learned this first hand.. The other day, I was online and my system started acting up worse than normal.. Screens freezing, ICQ shutting itself down, and then disappearing completely from my system, then reappearing out of nowhere.. Then I went in to do an upgrade on ICQ thinking that it was just completely out of date... I completed the upgrade and installation and it went dead again.. I tried to bring it back up and it wouldn't load in... Then I rebooted by system and tried to reconnect to the Internet. My server wouldn't connect saying that my modem was in use.. I then checked my connection cables and phone cables and all was fine, until I picked up my phone and one one line it was completely dead, the other sounded as if a phone were off of the hook somewhere. We plugged and unplugged everything and it stayed the same.. I thought that maybe something was wrong with the phone cables outside, so I waited for an hour and then picked up the phone again. This time I heard a TV in the background... I made my kids go into my room, close the door and put the TV in there on mute... What happened next scared the life out of me... I carefully listened and still heard another TV, and then a very raspy and scary voice said "HELLOOOO".. I dropped the phone, when I picked it up the voice was there again... This time I hung it up... When I picked it up again they hung up and my line was free with a dial tone... I made a phone call and then called my internet server.. They are also my local computer service store, they advised me to bring my CPU in immediately... I took it in and found out that apparently someone had broken into my ICQ and had tapped into my system installing a virus of some sort. They uninstalled ICQ and advised me that is where the virus was... They also advised me not to reinstall it....

So, please be very very careful who you give your ICQ number out to and use the highest security possible with it.... Whoever did this is pretty smart and has ways around passwords, because I do not open anything in ICQ unless I know the user...... Please be cautious with ICQ, I don't want to see it happen to any of you... You can pass this along if you want to, but I'm sure some people won't believe it (there are so many virus and hacker hoaxes out there that no one believes anything).... But I have a very scared 10 year old that was home from school when it happened.... You you take the advice as you will... Just be careful

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this e-mail. This could even be a (sorta) true story written by a well meaning, but terribly naive person. You know, the kind that jump to conclusions based on very little evidence... like a pimple on their butt means they were abducted by aliens. Here's my take: I think first they really screwed-up their computer. It's possible they had a backdoor trojan running and really were being hacked, but that has little to do with "who you give your ICQ number out to" since a trojan can come from anywhere, even someone you know (who may have no idea the file they sent had a backdoor attached to it). What happened next is where it gets weird. Maybe a phone line got crossed, or perhaps someone called just as the modem went off hook to connect. Whatever it was, I seriously doubt the guy with the raspy voice watching TV was a "pretty smart" ICQ hacker. I also doubt the local computer service store is staffed by ICQ security experts who could determine where the "virus of some sort" came from after advising to bring in a "CPU" (the chip or the whole computer?). This whole story sounds sooooooo clueless that I'm going to have to count myself among the "people won't believe it." I do however feel sorry for the needlessly scared 10 year old. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go check my butt for alien implants. (R102)

  ICQ Rumor #101
URL: www.icq.com/delete.users/survey.html
URL's description: Forward this to your entire list or we will remove you from our network, as we are almost full. Thanks.

No, I would say they are completely full... of something. As for ICQ, they aren't going to run out of numbers anytime soon and their parent company (AOL) can always afford to add a few more servers as needed. In fact, I've been using ICQ since it was released in 1997 and it has never worked better than it has lately. One thing hasn't changed, ICQ never used to threaten to delete people for not forwarding a message, and that is still true today. (R101)

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