This year's show featured several new performers and a demonstration by a V-22 Osprey. Unfortunately, the much anticipated debut of the F-22 Raptor was canceled due to poor weather in the panhandle where the Raptors are based at Tyndall AFB. The show's future is also much in doubt due to a dispute between the show's promoters and the City of Ft. Lauderdale concerning compensation for city worker overtime. We can only hope these disputes will be settled in time to book performers for next year's show, or that a new host city in the south Florida area can be found soon. Otherwise, we enjoyed Saturday's show, though we were unable to attend Sunday's show.

UPDATE: It appears that the air show promoters and the City of Ft. Lauderdale have reached an agreement which will allow the air show to continue for the next five years with an option for five additional years after that. The announced dates are May 6 & 7, 2006 with Fleet Week USA taking place on May 1st through 5th.

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Super Boat Offshore race
Holiday Inn
R44 Close-up
Goodyear Blimp
McDonald's "I'm Loving It" Flyby
Page 2
Marine Beach Assault
National Anthem Jump
F-16s Flyby
F-15s Flyby
KC-135 Stratotanker Flyby
Page 3
V-22 Osprey
US Army Golden Knights
F-86 Sabre
KC-10 Extender
T-6 Texans Team
Page 4
F-14 Tomcat Flyby
Ft. Laud. Police Dive Boat
Sean Tucker Team Oracle
F/A-18 Hornet Demo
Executive Air Services
Page 5
USS Bataan
Mary Dilda FedEx
B-1B Lancer Flyby
Kirby Chambliss Red Bull
Fred Cabanas S2-C
Page 6
F-15 Eagle Demo
USAF Heritage Flight
US Navy C-130
WEAT Sky 850
Page 7
USCG HC-130H Hercules
USCG HU-25 Falcon
USCG HH-65 Dolphin
USCG HH-60J Jayhawk
USCG Swimmers
Page 8
US Navy Leap Frogs
US Navy C-130
American Airlines 777
Page 9
Gary Ward Giles G-202
USS Nashville
Page 10
USAF Thunderbirds
Salute to Old Glory

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2005 Ft. Lauderdale Air and Sea Show Photos
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